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Here we provide some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our gutter cleaning and maintenance services.

How often do gutters need to be cleaned?

Generally, it is advisable to have your gutters thoroughly cleaned twice a year. However, some factors result in the need for more frequent cleaning!

If your property is located in a forested area or has many trees close to the building, leaves, sticks and other debris are much more likely to find their way into your gutters! In this case, it would be wise to have your gutters cleaned more often, around every 3-4 months.

As one of the best local gutter cleaning services, our professional team can help you keep your gutters tidy and well maintained. We even offer the option to remind you when your gutters are due for a clean! Contact us on for a quote.

Is it worth getting my gutters cleaned?

Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your property from water damage. If gutters are not cleaned frequently, they can fill up with leaves, sticks and other debris. Pests such as insects and rodents can even make their homes in there!

Once these channels are clogged up, water can no longer flow through them. Instead, it overflows into other areas such as your walls and roof, causing problems like water damage, mould and mildew! This water damage can also affect the foundations of your home.

Flooding and intense rain batter Queensland coast as BOM warns weather system could develop into cyclone.” Sadly, this kind of headline, as seen on 17 Jan on abc.net.au, is becoming more commonplace. You do not want to be caught with clogged gutters when these rainy seasons come. That is why it’s advised to contact a gutter cleaning services Brisbane company if you haven’t already done so. It is definitely worth having your gutters cleaned regularly to prevent these hazardous issues from arising!

What does gutter cleaning include?

Our service involves thoroughly cleaning all your gutters, including the often neglected downspouts. This process ensures that water can flow easily through the channels and that your gutters fulfil their purpose in protecting your property from water damage. In addition, our team take before and after pictures so you can guarantee the job has been done correctly!

In addition, we include a roof inspection to check for any damage or potential issues with your gutters. Finally, before we finish the job, we always make sure to tidy up after ourselves, removing all rubbish and debris from your property.

Should I install a gutter guard?

Installing a gutter guard is an excellent way to protect your gutters. They help prevent dirt and debris from entering your gutters and lessen the chances of plants and pests making their home there.

Gutter guards can improve water flow, help you save money, prevent premature corrosion and even reduce the risk of fire. Visit our services page to discover how our gutter guard installation can benefit your property!

How do you birdproof a solar panel?

In order to protect your solar panels, it is worth investing in a bird-proof mesh kit. This barrier is installed around the perimeter of the panels. It helps prevent birds from flying beneath them and making their homes there.

For more information on how we can help to bird-proof your solar panels, we welcome you to contact us today!

Can I clean my own gutters in australia, or should I hire a professional?

Yes, you can clean your own gutters, but it is not recommended. Why? Well, the main reason is that working at heights is dangerous. In 2020-21, in Australia alone, there were 6,584 recorded hospitalisations from a fall from a ladder! There were also 95 recorded deaths during the same period from a fall from a height! This is a shocking statistic, and even more so because most of them could probably have been prevented.

How? By using ladder brackets, roof anchor points or using professional gutter cleaning services in Brisbane. Professionals have the equipment, experience and expertise to clean your gutters safely. They can also spot any problems with your gutters or downpipes and alert you, which may cost a lot more in the future.

If you want to save a few bucks and are determined to clean your gutters yourself, please take extreme care and don’t become a statistic. Make sure you follow all the safety precautions before attempting to clean. As mentioned, we highly recommend investing in some ladder brackets. If you don’t want to risk it and are looking for gutter cleaning services near me, contact us on .

What methods are used for gutter cleaning in australia?

Gutter cleaning methods are similar worldwide, although certain areas of Australia require more regular gutter cleaning than others. Did you know that Brisbane is the only capital city in Australia built on a floodplain? According to the Environmental & Society Portal, it is the only large metropolitan area to experience major flooding. Many of us still remember the 2011 flood clearly.

With the wet season lasting over seven months in Brisbane, it is no wonder professionals recommend regular gutter cleaning. There are several methods used for gutter cleaning in Brisbane and Australia in general, including:

  1. Pressure cleaning: High-pressure water is used to blast away debris from the gutters. The water is flushed down the downpipes and the downpipes are cleaned too with the pressure. This is one of the easiest ways to clean gutters but also one of the most difficult. It usually requires the person to be stood on the roof and this is dangerous. High-pressure washers are not cheap either, although many people have them for cars and cleaning drives and paths. Just make sure to keep the pressure low so as not to damage the gutters.

  2. Hand cleaning: This involves manually removing debris from the gutters using a ladder and a scoop or a trowel. This is the most common DIY way to clean gutters. Again, we recommend using ladder brackets if you are going to use this method. Once the gutters are free of debris, you can run water from a standard garden hose to clear the remaining silt.

  3. Vacuum cleaning: This is quickly becoming a popular method for gutter cleaning services near me. A specialised gutter vacuum is used to suck up debris from the gutters. This method is beneficial because the debris is cleared rather than going onto the path or garden below. It also reduces the likelihood of splashing on walls, windows soffits etc. Another benefit is it can be done from the ground and cameras can be fitted to the vacuum. This makes it the safest method of gutter cleaning in Brisbane.

  4. Installing a gutter guard: Gutter guards are used to keep debris out of the gutters, reducing the need for regular cleaning. They can also help to prevent pest infestation and improve water flow. Another major benefit is they can reduce fire risks. Dry leaves, sticks and other debris can cause a fire risk, especially during a drought.

  5. Rope access: This is a method of working at height using ropes and harnesses. It is used to access hard-to-reach areas such as commercial and multi-level buildings.

For more information, contact your local gutter cleaning services Brisbane company. We offer FREE quotes and have an outstanding reputation for great customer service and reliability.

How do I know if my gutters need to be repaired or replaced in Australia?

There are several tell-tale signs that you need work doing on your gutters such as:

  1. Leaks:  If you see water cascading down the wall when it rains or coming from the gutter, it is time to have the gutter repaired.

  2. Rust: If you notice rust on the gutters (most modern gutters are made of plastic so this doesn’t apply) then it is a sign they are old and need replacing.

  3. Sagging: If the gutters are sagging or pulling away from the building then something is damaged and may need replacing. This is also a sign that they may be full of debris and it’s time for a good cleaning.

  4. Cracks: If you notice cracks in the gutters then you need to get them checked and replaced or repaired as soon as possible. The problem is that cracks can go unnoticed for a long time. By the time they are discovered, water could have been leaking into the wall cavities and damp/mould problems have occurred. Even more serious is if the water has made its way to the foundations and can weaken the structure.

  5. Clogs: If the gutters are frequently clogged with debris, it may indicate that they are not sloping towards the downpipe properly. Alternatively, the downpipe is blocked or not large enough to cope with the volume of water.

  6. Damage from harsh weather: Heavy rain and strong wind can damage gutters. It is important to inspect your gutters after a severe weather event such as a storm.

If you want a professional to check your gutters then give us a call on 0402 946 373 and schedule a visit. We always check your gutters and inform you of any damage while undertaking our gutter cleaning service in Brisbane.

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